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Salsa Rosada was born in 1994. From the beginning it was apparent there was a need for a space where the LGBT community could come together to dance and socialise with their same sex partners and friends. Fliers were distributed around Soho and on the first night a small number of people attended. Week by week this number increased and over the years we now have an average of 40/50 people each week joining in the fun and learning to dance salsa. We have an online membership of over 150 which continues to grow.

Salsa Rosada classes are unique with the emphasis on dancing being fun and friendly. We think learning to dance should be an enjoyable experience, one should never be made to feel silly or inadequate. With our teaching methods there are no boundaries as you decide if you want to lead or follow. We have members who have been coming to our classes for many years now, many of them starting as nervous beginners and who are now accomplished dancers, who in turn help other dancers moving up from beginners to more intermediate classes. After the classes the socialising continues in the spacious upstairs bar at our Welsh Centre venue. Some incredible friendships have been forged over the years and we regularly socialise together outside of the classes.

The music is the first meeting point for salsa, it is infectious! It is difficult to keep your feet and body still and so the next stage is to get the feet moving within those four beats. That is where our classes come into their own. There is nothing more exhilarating than mastering the basic steps, then progressing on to spins and turns, dancing in time to the music.

Salsa is a great form of exercise, forget the gym, forget aerobics as you are getting a great work out without even realising it. Because it is a partner dance you are connecting with whomever you are dancing with straight away in a friendly and safe environment.